The world expects brics countries to make new contributions to global development
Column:News Dynamics Time:2017-08-21
On September 3, the ninth brics summit will be held in xiamen.

On September 3, the ninth brics summit will be held in xiamen.

This is a time to carry on and to come forward. Over the past 10 years, brics cooperation has been solid and fruitful. In the next 10 years, brics countries will join hands in exploring new areas and building more upstairs.

The world is looking forward to the second "golden decade" of brics sailing, delivering cooperation to meet the challenges of development and contributing to improving the positive energy of global governance.

Increase brics' gold content

After 10 years of development, brics countries have accounted for 23% of the global economy and more than 50% of the world's economic growth. The birth of the brics mechanism is the inevitable result of the evolution of the world pattern and power. The development of the brics mechanism indicates the rising status and role of emerging markets and developing countries in global governance.

"Ten years ago, many people in the world did not believe that several countries with different priorities and interests could form a long-term and pragmatic cooperation mechanism. Today, however, the brics mechanism has become an indispensable element in the international system of relations. Russian international affairs council director andrei kortunov said

Brazil bric policy center researcher Paul lobell says, brics formation in 10 years, the connection between the five member states strengthen greatly, increases the chances of mutual learning between various areas, enhance the understanding, this is the first decade of the most important achievements of the brics mechanism. "This xiamen meeting with the host China has been carefully prepared, and I believe that the foundation of the first 10 years is the need to prepare for a new decade."

China and southeast Asia research center at India's jawaharlal Nehru university professor and Sinologist DiBoJie said, India and other bric countries, highly appreciates China for meeting in xiamen of meticulous preparation, expect China to continue to support and promote free trade, globalization and combining the "area" all the way to promote a more inclusive of the multilateral trading system, and other member states show emerging markets and developing countries to improve global governance system to bear for the brics "grace".

Expanding brics' circle of friends'

The brics countries are not closed clubs, and the impact of brics cooperation extends far beyond the five countries. Based on the concept of "the brics +", the Chinese side will be held in xiamen during the summit dialogue between emerging markets and developing countries, with Egypt, Mexico, tajikistan, guinea, Thai leaders ShangNa south cooperation and international development cooperation.

"Will the brics cooperation to expand the cooperation with other emerging markets and developing countries, it will be a win-win," Egypt ms, adel, a China expert, said on the one hand, the brics will gain more international support, on the other hand, the current economic challenges Egypt is numerous, and as emerging markets and developing countries of the brics cooperation is the best choice for Egypt.

Autonomy in puebla, Mexico feats lacker DE Leon, a China expert at the university of DE la Rosa argues that Mexico's in bric dialogue, the Latin American economy ranked first and second economies will be involved in the brics cooperation, this will undoubtedly promote the cooperation in various fields.

Thais kaitai bank Cai Weicai senior vice President, said the brics countries enormous market for exports as the development orientation of the Thai economy is very important, believe that Thailand's leaders will use the chance to compete in dialogue, with other countries is to discuss effective economic and trade exchanges in the future. Thailand is located at the center of asean central and southern peninsula. It can also play a role as a bridge, coordinating the cooperation and development of various markets.

Contribute to the brics

Looking around the world today, the international situation is undergoing profound and complex changes. The world economic recovery is not solid and the unilateralism trend is moving against the current. The brics countries have become a key force in promoting world economic growth, transforming global order and maintaining international peace and stability.

Dennis Cody, executive director of the institute of African democracy and leadership, a think-tank in Kenya, says the brics' role and role is unquestionable in south-south cooperation. The development of the brics countries and the development of Africa are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. It is an inevitable choice for both sides to strengthen cooperation. It is expected that the meeting of brics leaders in xiamen will make long-term plans for cooperation between the brics countries and Africa, and promote the institutionalization of cooperation between brics countries and African countries.

Indonesia's world affairs council commission President yusuf, ibrahim, said the brics cooperation mechanism to promote the emerging markets and developing countries in international voice, and maintain the overall interests is of great significance.

David Thomas, chief executive of the Australian consulting firm, says the brics countries have a win-win relationship with countries that will be beneficial to building a harmonious world. The world expects brics to play a role in international decision-making and global governance and to chart the course for the future of globalization